platform tutorials

What type of ad formats are available?

What are the different types of formats and which one should I use?

Do you have exclusive traffic? How can I target that traffic?

What bidding methods are available?

What campaign verticals are accepted?

What are the volumes for each type of traffic and where can I find this information?
How do I create my first campaign?

How long does it take for a campaign to be approved?

My campaign has passed moderation but there is no traffic yet. What is happening?

My campaign is not receiving traffic. What can I do?

One of my campaigns was rejected. Why did it happen?

What’s the Minimum daily campaign budget?

What metrics do I see in my statistics and what do they mean?

What useful features and instruments can I find on the platform?

What targeting options are available?

Can I target mobile carrier traffic?

Does the campaign vertical impact the campaign targeting?

How to add a publisher whitelist or blacklist?

What are and how to spot premium traffic zones?

What are user activity levels for Push Notifications?

What is the difference between premium, standard and remnant in traffic type?

What’s the difference between Sources and Zones?

How to pause or reative creatives?

How to pause or reactivate zones?

How to set bids per zone?

What are the creative restrictions & requirements?

How to pause or reactivate zones?
How can I track conversions?

Which macros do you support?
What payment methods are available?

What is the minimum amount I can transfer?

How to I add balance to my account?

How long will it take for the funds to be available after I top up?

Where can I find the invoices?

Can I get a refund?